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CDP: Delivering extraordinary data-driven customer experiences


On the journey to data-driven marketing, there are many challenges with respect to new sets of skills, governance and program management, change management, Minimum Viable Product (MVP) definition, KPI measurement and the operationalization of new ways of thinking and executing the campaign. For marketers, this means they have a reliable and experienced team which can implement data-driven marketing ecosystems which are scalable, have the right checks and balances, and which can be used confidently to generate powerful and result-oriented customer experiences.

To get it right, organizations need a technology partner like Mindtree to glue the diverse parts of the system. Mindtree has considerable experience in building custom CDP, using AI and ML to deliver augmented analytics and immersive experiences across industries. We bring you a treasure trove of learnings and best practices from past implementations and operational experience of CDPs. We can help you right from business case identification, CoE setup, MVP definition, change management, rollout for brands, business Units and geos and most importantly, BAU operations. With our vast experience in implementing data-driven marketing systems, you can be assured to get it right the first time.

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