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The IoT platform for smart connected buildings from Mindtree. Get the best of OT, IT and IoT worlds.
Enter the world of smart connected buildings. Move from a reactive to a dynamic building management system with Gladius Connected Buildings

Gladius Connected Buildings, goes beyond automation of air-conditioning and lighting systems in isolation. Capable of connecting geographically dispersed buildings, it works on multiple aspects including management of multiple building systems, access control, and video surveillance; while integrating IT systems. As a result, you can achieve energy efficiency, better asset life, cost optimization, increased occupant comfort and centralized management. Most building management systems, capable of operating in a lights on mode, but inflexible when it comes to adding new solutions. Gladius Connected Buildings, on the other hand brings together mobility, cloud and the Internet of Things (IoT) to make today’s facility management capable of being dynamic and responsive. The platform is centralized empowering the senior management team to get access to real-time data from a central location.

Connected in Everyway. Smart in Every Sense

Interactive Demo of Gladius Connected Building

Manage Geographically Dispersed Buildings at the Click of a Button

Gladius Smart Connected Building Brochure

Get the best of OT, IT and IoT worlds

Use your existing infrastructure to make it a Smart Connected Building

While the current building systems are capable of operating in a lights on mode, they are inflexible and one cannot add new solutions. With the use of next-generation solutions that leverage mobility, cloud and the Internet of Things (IoT); today’s facility management have an option to move from a reactive mode to a more dynamic approach that is predictive and responsive.

Gladius Connected Buildings platform- Seamless integration of the OT and IT world, on an IoT platform

We, at Mindtree, have developed an IoT platform called Gladius Connected Buildings, which simplifies management of geographically dispersed buildings. It combines the two ecosystems of operations technology (OT) and information technology (IT) to create a centralized, automated and intelligent platform.
Gladius Connected Buildings, brings together multiple systems within the IT and OT realms. As a result, you can manage multiple equipment, third-party systems (e.g. access control and people counter), and IT systems (e.g. ERP, ticket management, etc.) from one solution – aka Gladius Connected Buildings.

Our platform is ‘Always On, Always Learning’ that can adapt to changing building management goals! Gladius Connected Buildings is a platform that is open and supports industry protocols to communicate effortlessly with multiple devices and systems.

Gladius Connected Buildings - Digitally transforms your building management systems

Combining, intelligent controls, video and IoT analytics, Gladius connected buildings can bring together inputs from multiple systems to impact your energy management goals.

The digital transformation prism of Gladius Connected Buildings

The digital transformation prism of Gladius Connected Buildings

Click on the below image to understand how Gladius Connected Buildings can help your Building management goals

Building management goals

GHD Digital and Mindtree collaborating on a broad Digital platform targeted to the property and infrastructure sectors

Mindtree and the global professional services company, GHD, have established a partnership to transform how clients in traditional property and infrastructure industries can deploy Digital platforms to help run their business more efficiently and elevate the experience of their customers.

The partnership combines GHD Digital’s knowledge of building design and operation, with Mindtree’s extensive track record in cloud based, loT platforms and analytics, to deliver efficiencies for clients and communities and create previously untapped revenue opportunities through the collection of data.

Success Story

How to move from a reactive to a dynamic, smart and connected building management system using existing infrastructure?

One of UAE’s largest real estate company is known for its focus on tenant happiness. It wanted to leap-frog from a system that was reactive and hinged on a day-to-day management or incident-based firefighting to a more dynamic building management system that was predictive and responsive.

Mindtree's Gladius Connected Buildings to was used to integrate the clients existing systems on an IoT platform to digitally transform their facility management systems

Gaurav Johri, Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Asia Pacific Mindtree and Kumar Parkala, Global Digital Leader GHD, share their experiences about smart connected buildings

GHD and Mindtree have partnered to disrupt the global property asset market with an innovative and scalable approach to Connected Buildings. Aligning GHD’s consultative design and digital competencies with Mindtree’s Platform solutions and services, allow an organization to operate via a single, enterprise-wide, cloud based, Connected Buildings management system. This results in dramatically reduced costs, increased revenues and an optimal experience for employees, customers and communities.

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