Shotclasses: Mobile-first microlearning platform to help your employees outperform



Reimagine enterprise learning and development with Mindtree's microlearning platform

Microlearning: Geared for the Modern Learner and Designed for Business Results

What modern learners value

Shotclasses Reimagine Enterprise Learning and Engagement

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Reducing attention spans and increased mobility has created the need to deliver engaging content in bite sized modules

When you deliver bursts of engaging learning that your employees or partners can access anytime, anywhere and on any device through our business training app, they learn more effectively and apply what they learn on their job.

The result: superior employee engagement and performance and better business results.

Reimagine Learning and Engagement with Shotclasses

  • Gamification & Social Learning: Game-like mechanics and peer-to-peer learning to incentivize learners to improve attention, memory, and motivation.
  • Continuous and personalized engagement: Anytime, anywhere access to a business learning app in multiple languages to reinforce learning at the point of need.
  • Learning Option Recommendations: SaaS based platform that automates learning recommendations based on learners’ preferences and needs.
  • Impact Assessment: Impact measurement through interactive dashboards and real-time reports.

Reimagine Learning and Engagement with Shotclasses

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Case studies of how leading organizations are benefitting from microlearning

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Shotclasses: Microlearning designed for getting better business results

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Why leaders believe 'less is more' - Case studies of leading organizations benefiting from microlearning

Microlearning use cases across industries

Sales training, customer service, behavioral safety and compliance modules - Explore how your industry segment is using microlearning to impact its training needs

Shotclasses: Helping Organizations Optimize Learning & Development

Quick content creation – From local sources, YouTube, SlideShare, etc.

Ease of publishing – Flexibility to create classes/modules by combining multiple sources

Intelligent assignment – Ability to distribute classes using meta-tags based on employee roles, geography, product handled, etc.

End-to-end tracking – Ability to generate intuitive reports for tracking learning progress.

Partnership Built for Success

  • Consulting: Identify learning needs/gaps, define a vision for success and strategy.
  • Program Design: Create curriculum design and roadmap to meet learning needs.
  • Concierge: End-to-end execution of designed program.
  • Content generation: External content procurement, new microlearning content development & repurposing of existing content.
  • Monitoring and fine tuning: Course correction strategies to deliver successful outcomes.

Shotclasses: A Holistic Microlearning Offering

Shotclasses An Integrated SAAS based systems for better results

Integrated SAAS based systems for better results

  • Out-of-the box integration capability to popular identity and access management systems like Azure Active Directory, supporting SAML2.0/OAuth2.0 standards.
  • No maintenance or application infrastructure required for additional subscription license.
  • In-built high secure authentication and authorization mechanism with 99% availability.

Featured Blogs

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  • Are you a Product Manager with a large portfolio of changing products in need of frequent product training?
    Using Shotclasses, an ideal business learning app for desk-less, mobile first employees. - you can rapidly roll out product knowledge employee training modules to update your salesforce with the latest.
  • Are you a Business Leader or Channel Partner Head?
    Check out how you can onboard and train channel partners faster with on the go learning - on a device of their choice. Reach remote partners instantly and cut down on cycle time.
  • IS compliance or safety training critical to your organization?
    If you are in banking, manufacturing or retail organization, you can quickly roll out training programs to the entire company.
  • Are you a Training/L&D head or Innovation Leader?
    See how Shotclasses can engage your learners round the clock with microlearning courses for successful upskilling, learning reinforcement and growth.
  • Are you a Maintenance Manager/Supervisor?
    You can use micro learning courses and videos to train your field maintenance staff on SOPs, issue resolution and soft skills to ensure customer success.

State of the Art Technology – For Learners, Organizations, and Content Owners

Shotclassses - Micro-learning platform

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